How To Make & Take Advantage of Facebook’s Frame Studio

Frame Studio by Facebook - have you heard of it? If not, then you’re missing out on a fantastic marketing tool for small businesses. It essentially works like a filter on Snapchat, where companies pay to have their filter produced and shown on user’s devices. Typically, this is something reserved for big name brands, as they can afford the associated costs. 

Frame Studio is the same idea, but without the price tag and with the consumer as the main focus of your attention. The aim is to create advertising that is more design-based, accompanied by a subtle hint of branding.

Featured in this article are ways to help your business take advantage of Facebook Frame Studio.

Facebook Frame.png

How To Make A Frame

Making a Facebook frame is quite simple. The first step is coming up with a design. Here, you need to bring in a professional designer to draw up a few rough ideas on what your frame will look like. Remember, it should be useful to the consumer rather than a massive advert for your business. Many companies play around with designs that add a specific filter to the camera, like a pair of sunglasses or a hat of sorts. 

When the design has been created, you can build the frame using Facebook’s own web-based program. After the frame is built, the final step is to upload your design. Frame Studio provides you with the ability to control when and for how long the frame remains active.

How To Take Advantage Of Frame Studio Properly

The key to taking advantage of Frame Studio properly starts with the design. A good design should focus on the consumer, while also relating to your business and/or a specific event. For example, releasing a football-themed frame with your brand’s name during the Super Bowl is a clever way to engage your audience. People will be keen to use it to join in on the fun, while simultaneously spreading awareness for your brand.

Aside from the design, you must also think about your target audience. Facebook has ways in which you can reach them when you publish your frame. Adding strategic keywords to your published frame ensures the right audience will soon see your frame. This increases the chances of generating leads through a Facebook frame, as you’re targeting the right audience. 

In short, Facebook Frame Studio is a cost-effective alternative to Snapchat filters. If you come up with a great design that consumers will love, publish the frame during an event with target keywords to see marketing success.