The Outcome

In 7 Months

25% Increase to Client Base. 2000+ Followers Gained and Over 10,000 Impressions Per Month on Instagram. Up-to 5,000 Monthly Viewers on Pinterest. Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice Awards 2018.

The Goal

Officiant NYC, a wedding officiant agency based out of New York, wanted to boost reach more local newlyweds by becoming a recognizable brand on Wedding Wire, Pinterest & Instagram.

The Plan

Curate wedding photos and videography from clients to build brand vision, SEO to bring in more web traffic and use community engagement to build a branded community.


The Actuals

“We are a group of good people who officiate weddings because it brightens our lives. Your decision to marry is important and we treat each wedding ceremony with the respect and time it deserves. We’ll go out of our way to do everything within our power to make your day special and unforgettable. Handwritten ceremonies are our specialty.”

April 1st - @officiantnyc had 308 followers on Instagram.

Officiant NYC had become a new company after splitting ways from ex-partner of the company. So they needed to reach new audiences, with a new name, with a new look, but with the same people who helped build a reputable company. They kept up with their client referrals and managed to a lot of remarkable work that helped them win countless Wedding Wire awards. But they still were not able to reach as many married couples as possible.

November 15th - @officiantnyc had 2513 followers on Instagram.

Without much room in the budget, we worked on an organic strategy that included a little of what they were already doing, we went through their content with a fine-toothed comb. We used photos of our officiated couples to build a rapport between our married and soon-to-be couples, all with a hyper-localized engagement strategy. Then as a reoccurring service we updated and optimized the website’s tags, descriptions, key, images and other metrics.