The Outcome

In 4 Months

3000+ Followers Gained, 10 Influencers Posts, Over 50,000 Impressions Per Month, and Over 5000 Sign-ups.

The Goal

Made of Space, a streetwear clothing brand based out of New York, with Sri Lankan-based owners, wanted to boost brand recognition by becoming a recognizable brand on platforms for Generation Z.

The Plan

Create street style photos and videography to build brand value, use community engagement to build a branded community, and use influencers to build brand trust all via Instagram & Facebook.


The Actuals

Alarming Note: These alarming notes are far and few for most of our clients, but these things do happen.

Prior to starting our work, we were informed that the client had been misinformed about buying followers and had done so. They bought 5,000 followers and we’re gradually losing followers every day. This is bad, because those followers are not real engaging accounts and this also makes the account’s specific place in the algorithm, much lower than other accounts.

July 20th - @_madefospace_ had 1936 followers on Instagram.

We knew we wanted to let the algorithm keep bumping the fake followers, before we could move on with properly portraying the brand across Instagram. But the problem was the team didn’t know how many followers they had prior to buying the fake followers, since it had already been some time ago. So we just needed to see the unfollows slow down.

July 28th - @_madefospace_ had 1882 followers on Instagram.

At this point we have already implemented a curation of modern art and street photos to mirror posts the account was using before. On this day is when we started our aggressive community engagement tactics.

September 7th - @_madefospace_ had 3100 followers on Instagram.

The first collection was designed by local Denver artists, so we used this to our advantage by making our efforts coincide with a large street art mural event, CRUSH walls, to help promote the brand’s products for the whole month of August while there were plenty of eyes on the Denver area. We worked with Denver photographers to help shoot product and street shots for the Instagram feed.

October 5th - @_madefospace_ had 4147 followers on Instagram.

September was post-event marketing and the next collections were delayed all the way to mid-November. This left a lot of space without new product to promote, so we had to make sure in this time we were building relationships with influencers of the micro-variety and artists, to keep the engagement up.

December - @_madefospace_ had 6000 followers on Instagram. (End of Contract)

We mixed in product content with street interviews, graphics and curated street art from popular artists. The street interviews gave us a touch of personality and authenticity to the brand’s messaging. #Usethespace

3-5 items are sold every day from organic website clicks. Minimum $75 every day. $2,250 per month of organic revenue.